Nothing we are building in this city matters more than building up our people.
— Candi CdeBaca, Denver Post (June 23, 2017)


Denver native. Proven Leadership. Bold Vision. 

Candi is a proud fifth-generation native of northeast Denver, Colorado. She lives in the same home in the Swansea neighborhood that her great-grandmother lived in nearly 80 years ago. Raised by a single mother and grandparents, Candi understands the importance of tight-knit communities and stepping up for neighbors in need. Moving her family and community forward meant going to work at ten years old and focusing on academics.

Candi is a proud graduate of Manual High School where she was valedictorian and class president and one of the first students to be appointed to the Denver Mayor’s Commission on Youth and Denver Mayor’s Latino Advisory Council. A recipient of the Daniels Fund Scholarship, Candi was the first and youngest dual-degree graduate from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. She is accomplished in policy development, federal policy compliance, organizational development, investigation, monitoring, training, motivating and leading diverse groups of people to share a mutual vision and achieve common goals. She is the Executive Director of Project VOYCE, a youth development and civic engagement organization Candi co-founded at 18 years old. 

Candi is a fearless leader, prominent voice, and community champion in Denver on social justice issues spanning the range of nonprofit, k-12 education, higher education, community, business, development, and environment.  

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Housing & Wages


Responsible growth means building a city we can all afford. Denver has grown by over 90,000 people in the last five years. Housing prices have skyrocketed hitting record highs. At the same time, Colorado wages have been virtually stagnant since 2000. The rapid and uneven growth in population, jobs, and wages presents our communities with once in a lifetime opportunities and challenges. As we welcome new residents, new businesses, and new development, we must also craft new policy to protect those who built the Denver we all love and new policy to ensure a sustainable future. Market forces can be influenced, even changed by government policy.

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Traffic & Pollution


People-centered transportation means connectivity planning that prioritizes the planet and people over cars. Denver is the 14th most polluted city in America for high ozone. The biggest causes include increasing traffic, expansive oil and gas industry, and the mountains which trap pollution. Our district is also home to the most polluted zip code in America.  Many people moving to an urban core like Denver are hoping to free themselves from the costs of a car, sitting in traffic, and navigating unpredictable construction. We want to live, play and work within longer and we choose Denver’s urban core to enable that lifestyle.

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Transparency & Accountability

Government you can trust

Democracy for the people means putting the power of city planning, city budgeting/spending and city overall decision-making into the hands of residents. All over the country, people are rising up to demand real democracy and real representation, including right here in Denver. Government must be accountable to the people which is only possible if working people have all the facts. Access to the facts requires transparency and representation that is embedded in our communities. Far too many generations have passed us by with less than 15% of our city’s residents consistently making decisions for the other 85% of residents.

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My name is Candi CdeBaca and I'm running for Denver District 9 to build a city that is affordable, sustainable and accountable to its residents! Join me in ensuring we rise together and contribute!

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